Please note that our equipment is only available for hire for those people travelling on Scamper as we have a limited supply for our guests.

Individual Items Rate of Hire

  • Spinafex 3-man Dome Tent ($25 first night, Additional nights $10.00)
  • Gas Stove (First Night – $10.00, Additional Nights – $5.00)
  • Cooler 55L (First Night – $10.00, Additional Nights – $5.00)
  • Cooler 25L (First Night – $5.00, Additional Nights – $3.00)
  • Pot & Frypan (First Night – $5.00, Additional Nights – $3.00)
  • Cutlery Set (First Night – $10.00, Additional Nights – $3.00)
  • 5kg Bag Ice – $6
  • Lantern torch (First Night – $4.00, Additional Nights – $2.00)
  • Camp Chair (First Night – $5.00, Additional Nights – $2.00)
  • Sleeping Bag ($5.00)
  • Snorkel Mask ($3.00 per night)
  • Fins ($2.00 per night)
  • Stinger Suit (First Night – $5.00, Additional Nights – $3.00)
  • Self Inflatable sleep pad – ($5 first night , Additional nights -$2)
  • 4 man Dome Tent ($30 first night, Additional nights – $15)
  • 6 man Dome Tent ($40 first night, Additional nights – $20)

If you would like to explore the waters around your camp location, you can hire a sit on top Kayak from Salty Dog Sea Kayaking.

They will meet you upon check in and  give you a safety briefing. You will load your kayaks on to the vessel from here and take to your camp location.

 *Please be advised – 

-kayaks are loaded on the the roof of the vessel and you will need to lift yourself

-sit on top kayaks are an additional cost of $15 for return trip on the vessel (paid to Scamper direct)

-kayaks do need to be organised through Salty Dog before travel date for hire as they are a different company –

-if hiring a Sea Kayak to kayak from one location to another, experience in kayaking is needed. Transfer cost of Kayak is $15, if brining your own kayak transfer cost is $20. payable direct to Scamper.

*please make sure Scamper is informed if brining a kayak to make sure the vessel has allocated space. 

Camp Kit - Set up for 2 pax

Cost of $100 for 1st night & $35 each additional night

These kits are set up for 2 people and include:

  • Spinafex 3-man Dome Tent with fly sheet
  • Single Burner Camp Gas Stove (gas cylinder included per night)
  • Cooking Pot and Frypan
  • Self  Inflatable Pads
  • Cooler Box (55L or 25L)
  • Lantern Torch (solar)
  • Cutting board
  • Can opener
  • Peeler
  • Cutting knife
  • Plates and bowls, coffee cups
  • Knives, forks, spoons
  • Cooking utensils, spatula, spoon & tongs
  • Sleeping Bags x 2
  • Camp Chairs x 2
  • Snorkel, Mask and Fin set x 2
  • Stinger Suits x 2

Please note ice for the esky is not included in this price can be arranged for additional $6 per bag.

Camp Kit for 3 pax can also be arranged, including a 4 man tent, and items all for 3 pax.

$150 1st night $50 each additional night

Food and Water drops

Food and water drops can be arranged if you are kayaking around the islands, or spending a No. of days out on the Islands. They do need to align with our schedule and location visiting, so please contact our staff to arrange this.

The Supply drops start at $50 depending on the amount needed. 

Food Delivery

If you are joining us from one of the Resort Islands, don’t have your own transport to go shopping, or just simply want to be prepared without the stress of shopping before your camping trip.

You can organise a Food and Drinks delivery from Whitsunday Provisioning. They can prepare meals, you can select from a menu or package or simply pick your own items and have them delivered to Scamper Island Camping’s Departure point. 

Tell them your date of departure and your check in time and they will deliver it to our office for when you check in for your trip. 

follow the link here to order online –

*Please make sure you place your order as early as possible to make sure they can meet your departure time and date

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you are more than welcome to bring your own camping gear. Please remember that you are travelling on a vessel and do need to be mindful on amount and weight bringing. If you bring excess gear you may be charged. Or told to leave behind if the vessel is fully weighted.

Camping on a remote Island you do need to bring everything with you and bring it home. We recommend a small tent, sleeping gear (mat & sleeping bag), camp chairs, food in dry box, esky for drinks (55l) clothes (warm and swim wear), snorkel gear and cooking gear (gas stove, cooking utensils, plates and cups. Rubbish bag.

We provide you with water containers that you may fill before departing we recommend 5L per person per day.

Yes you can hire kayaks from Salty Dog Sea Kayaking, they have Sit on Top or Sea Kayaks available for kayaking to different locations. Follow the link to their website

Yes Our vessel Scamper has been specially designed to carry kayaks on the roof. Please know you do need to lift the kayak on to the roof yourself.

Yes but it is just a small fee of $15 for a return transfer for the kayak, if you are doing multiple locations it is just an additional $5 per multi transfer.

Sorry No, due to our high demand of camp equipment and limited availability we need to keep our equipment available for guests travelling on our vessel only. 

Following new Covid regulations, we ask that cutlery sets to be cleaned before returning and are further cleaned and disinfected. Also Tents, sleeping mats are repacked and sprayed. Sleeping Bags are washed and cleaned with disinfectant. All other items are sprayed with disinfectant. Snorkel mask, fins and Stinger suits are soaked in disinfectant, then snorkel sets are further spayed with disinfectant in the nose and mouth pieces.