Mission Statement

Our passion is nature, our vision is through experience people will love, respect, and protect nature with Sustainable Tourism and implement Environmental Practices in everyday life.

Whitsunday Islands Camping Connections are committed to ensuring the conservation and protection of our World Heritage Natural Wonder, The Great Barrier Reef.

To ensure our operations are sustainable for the environment Whitsunday Island Camping Connections deliver in-depth conservation and responsible practices focused in-person briefings to all guests who travel prior to commencing their stay within the Whitsunday Islands. These briefings are conducted at each camp site highlighting the specifics of the area and best practices to ensure the national park is kept pristine, education on local flora and fauna, acknowledgment of the Traditional Owners and bringing to life the history of our First Nations people and their connections to the Land and Sea Country.

Whitsunday Islands Camping Connections are a ‘Be Pest Free’ accredited business. Currently the Great Barrier Reefs Islands are the most pest-free islands in the world, and we endeavor to keep it that way. As our World Heritage area has international importance our guests are included in our conservation efforts to ensure our Islands are maintained and kept as pest free as possible. This is completed through interactive education prior to the vessel departing at port. Ensuring all items taken to an Island is clean and clear of any pest species eliminating the chances of endangering the unique biodiversity of our Whitsunday Islands. As guests depart an Island all equipment hired is cleaned and examined guaranteeing there is no cross-contamination of any species of plant or animal transferred from island to island.  For more information, please see the link below:



Our Vessel Scamper does not have a toilet onboard as guests are encouraged to utilise the National Park Islands toilet facilities or the mainland prior to departure. Not having toilet facilities onboard the vessel means there is no sewage dumped into the National Park, aligning with Whitsunday Island Camping Connections commitment to Sustainability minimizing our environmental impacts to our greatest extent.

Whitsunday Islands Camping Connections endeavors to demonstrate our ongoing conscious decision to support our local community wherever we can. Airlie Health Hub provides all the cleaning products the business and vessel require, Australian owned ecofriendly products ensure no harmful chemicals are used on any of our equipment we supply to our guests.


On average Australians use 130kg of plastic per year per person, with less than 12% recycled. Alarmingly, up to 130,000 tonnes of plastic will find its way into our waterways and into the ocean. Whitsunday Islands Camping Connections have taken a stance on eliminating single used plastics from the business and equipment provided to our guests as we supply water containers for all our guests ensuring minimal to no plastics are taken to the islands. All rubbish and recyclables are bagged and transported back to the mainland for proper disposal whilst we also encourage our guests to participate in a beach and island clean up prior to departure from each island with the vision of leaving our world heritage area cleaner than how we found it contributing to our long-term protection and conservation of our natural wonder.

Master Reef Guides

Whitsunday Island Camping Connection also has their very own Master Reef Guide, The Master reef guide program is delivered by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Association of Marine Park Tourism Operators and Tourism and Events Queensland and is the first of its kind for the Reef.

There are currently 82 Master Reef Guides located across the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, from the Ribbon Reefs in the north to Lady Elliot Island in the southern Great Barrier Reef.

Master Reef Guides are striving to be the world’s leading reef guides and interpreters sharing the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

As reef ambassadors they impart up-to-date scientific and management information about the reef and explain what people can do to make a difference.

The company is very proud to be a part of this program and hopes to gain more master reef guides in the future.

GBRMPA – Master Reef Guides


Eco Certification

Whitsunday Island Camping Connection is currently undergoing the lengthy process to be Eco – Certified. With this certification it will give us the recognition for doing our part to protect and strive for best practices on the reef. Whilst educating our passengers that are visiting out on the Islands.

We hope to update you soon with our progress!

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you visit

  • Clean out your camping gear before packing up for a trip to the islands.
  • Sweep out tent floors, concentrating on the corners, stitching and hook and loop fasteners such as Velcro.
  • Wash down dirty tent poles and pegs to stop soil pathogens spreading onto the islands.
  • Give backpacks, raincoats and hats a thorough clean.
  • Check and remove seeds and soil from your shoes.
  • Ensure no mice, rats, toads, geckoes, ants and other insects (and their eggs) are hiding on your vessel, your aircraft or in your luggage, food, equipment or supplies.
  • Leave pets on your vessel or at home. They can harbour fleas, ticks and other pests. Domestic animals aren’t permitted in national parks, or on some beaches adjoining national park islands.

When on an island

  • Stay on the marked walking tracks to avoid spreading weeds across the island.
  • Always clean up before you move from one island to the next.
  • all rubbish must be contained and brought back to the mainland for either recycle or proper disposal.

For more info please visit